Project Design

We turn your ideas into exclusive and original decors through a blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies. Our step-by-step approach covers every stage of your project by analyzing your tastes and preferences. Our experience and technical advice will help you find the best solution to your living or commercial space.

Interior Design

Interior design and development for living and commercial spaces: we assist you in every step of the process, from developing your spaces to selecting, realizing and assembling each element of furniture. We make sure that only first-quality raw materials are used, that furniture is set up in a functional way and style and comfort are seamlessly combined.


Development, realization and setup of complete sets of furniture for hotels, restaurants, shops and acoustic structures. Our international experience allows us to take care of any project, from the selection of materials to production – which will be assigned to selected companies – and setup, with or without turnkey premises.

We like handmade things: they give to our products a unique and original touch.
It's like a fingerprint: a mark of character and identity.
Claudio Ubaldi



Everything starts with a meeting with the client: this is the most important step. We sip coffee together and listen to them. Sitting around a walnut table in our studio, we listen to their needs, tastes, dreams. Together we visualize the furniture they need and the interiors that will be brought to life by the furniture, and point out the most significant details. The client’s trusted architect is welcome to join us and bring his first drafts and drawings.


After the first exploratory chat, we survey the place and take preliminary measurements that give us a general idea of the project. This includes a feasibility study, the selection of the materials and a tentative production timeline. From these elements we form a free, no-obligation estimate. The same design can be adjusted to different materials according to the budget.


If the client accepts our proposal, we work with architects and interior designers to analyze the project in detail. We also take a new, in-depth survey of the place. Along with the client we evaluate each and every component and detail: the style (classic, modern, vintage), the suitability of materials, the color palette, the finishes and the polishing, picking from a wide variety of options. With the help of a 3D simulation, the client can visualize an almost perfect render of the final result.


Now we get to work. This is where the actual making begins. Our carpenter’s shop provides both handmade work for marquetry, decorations and details, and high-tech machinery work to help us speed up the process and precisely refine the smallest details. We prefer to select high quality materials – we look for best prices as well as the most prestigious wood, which is always from sustainable forests and controlled and certified sources. We work all kinds of materials, including glass, metal, stone and semifinished materials.


Then we set it up and assemble it in our carpenter’s shop: it’s a sort of final preview, so the client can visualize and actually touch each and every component of furniture before the product is shipped. In this phase, clients suggest small touch-ups and improvements. After the design is deemed final, we disassemble, polish, lacquer and paint the product according to the project.


We handle the packaging, the transport and the assembly at the client’s place, be it a living or a commercial space. We also pick up the client’s previous furniture and make sure that each component is assembled in the right way, as per initial design. We offer lifelong after-sales service: you can ask for maintenance or substitution of any component at any time.