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Our company has been established in the sixties as a small family-run laboratory specialized in home upholsteries and textiles. A small but ambitious artisan workshop deeply rooted in Italian craftsmanship.

The business started to grow fast when the Brothers Ubaldi bought the company. During the nineties they brought materials and method up to date, and started achieving important results all over the world – in Malaysia, Egypt, Kuwait, London, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, just to name a few. They paired the traditional knowledge and techniques with the latest technological innovations, allowing them to speed up woodworking and fully control every single detail. So, in 1978 Vivitalia Company was born; it quickly established itself nationally and internationally with its ability to create one-of-a-kind products, tailored to any kind of interior or exterior space with painstaking attention to details.

Thanks to the many years of experience, in 1989 the company evolved into its current form. Vivitalia International srl is an enterprise run by Sante Ubaldi and his three sons, Claudio, Marco and Luca: a new generation projected toward the future without forgetting history.


Vivitalia International is not just a great company: it’s a big family as well. It’s a close-knit team of experts and skilled professionals who have always been passionate about the art of making furniture, an art passed on from generation to generation along with the know-how and the traditional carving techniques.

The company is rooted in tradition and craftsmanship, passed on from father to son. But today its facility hosts high-tech equipment for the production of both classic and modern furniture: innovative techniques and custom solutions for interiors and exteriors of residential, retail and commercial, projects.

A client is forever. We remember every single person who visits our company: we offer lifelong after-sales service, on any furniture and component, because we believe that our commitment to the care of our creations never ends.

We work in Italy as well as abroad, with the partnership of architects and specialized designers. Our strength is the ability to turn ideas – your own ideas – into reality: truly unique furniture and components, designed with your tastes and needs in mind, through a selection of the best materials, just like tailors make custom clothes. Everything starts with a drawing. As simple as that.

In order to accomplish this, we choose only prestigious materials by carefully selecting them according to the needs of the project. The quality of the raw materials determines the high aesthetic level of our products. We offer a wide choice of the best veneer woods, the broadest selection of colors for lacquered wood and the trendiest textiles for upholstery. Our painstaking care for quality guarantees the reliability of our creations: all our products can stand the test of time.

In my experience, Vivitalia provides on-time delivery, good customer care and meticulous work. All the furniture I ordered was faithful to the designs provided by the architect, functional and of excellent quality. I would recommend Vivitalia obviously for the aforementioned reasons; also, ten years after the delivery I can still rely on them if anything is needed. Nino and his sons are always ready to solve any problem, no matter how small, always smiling and kind.



Claudio Ubaldi


Marco Ubaldi

PM Manager

Luca Ubaldi

R&D Manager

Mauro Acqua

CNC Operator

Tonino Sanna


Anna Coppola

HR Manager


From more than two generations we have been turning ideas and prototypes into products, advocating novelty, creativity and innovation. We stand out for our one-of-a-kind products, developed from equally unique drafts and drawings by your trusted architects or our skilled associates. The entire production cycle, from the selection of materials to the painting, is carried out in-house to guarantee custom-made, prestigious furniture that stand the test of time.

We work with certified suppliers and high-quality raw materials; we guarantee a wide choice of finishes and paintings. Part of the process is performed by high-tech equipment to ensure precision and speed; another part is put directly in the artisans’ hands, whose creative manual skills give to every creation an exclusive and unique touch.